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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
Is this safe?

Yes, our platform is extremely safe. All data is secured via 256-bit SSL encryption (HTTPS). Your payment information is never stored.

Can I cancel my subscripiton at any time?

You can request to end your subscription by emailing with your order number and your email.

How do I know when the draw is?

We always send your lucky lottery numbers to you by email on the day before the draw. We also indicate in the email when the next draw date is.

Do people really win these draws?

Yes! It's easier when you have lucky numbers, and our secret-sauce algorithms generate these lucky lottery numbers, putting luck on your side!

Am I buying a lottery ticket?

You are buying unique lucky lottery numbers generated by our algorithms to boost your odds and play your favourite lottery with.

How does the $10,000 giveaway work?

When you subscribe to one of our plans, you're automatically entered into the $10,000 giveaway draw. Click here to enter!